Rugby Trophy Cup Tour

On Monday March 25th we were honoured to welcome the Pro14 Cup and the Heineken Cup to Kilcleagh N.S.

We appreciate Niall Kane, our Rugby coach, taking the time to organise this and the ensuing excitement was palpable. There is great enthusiasm for the game at present among the boys and girls and who’s to say there isn’t a young Robbie or Jack in our midst.

Speaking of Rugby take a moment to persue the photos of 5th & 6th classes last blitz hosted by the Midland Warriors on Friday March 15th.


Rugby Stars of the Future!

Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st Class & 2nd Class enjoy tag rugby on Friday mornings.



We have started our Tag-Rugby early this year so hopefully we will do well at it. There are lots of skills we have to practice and be timed while doing them. We are going to a Rugby Blitz on Tuesday June 17th. Hopefully we will do well.