Board of Management meeting June 2017

Matters for discussion:

Work to be carried out during the summer.

Review of Child Protection policy.

Standardised Test results.

Financial statements.

Principal’s Report on activities in the school from May to June.


Board of Management Meeting 30/03/2017

There was a Board of Management meeting on Thursday 30/03/2017.

Matters discussed included:

Child Protection

RSE Policy Ratified

Financial Matters

School’s Allocation under Special Education Model

Concerns re children’s safety on road – parents continuing to park outside wall.


Board of Management meeting 27th October 2016

A meeting of the Board of Management was held in the school on Thursday 27th October 2016.

Matters for discussion included:

  1. Child Protection.
  2. Financial Position: Approval of Budget for school year 2016/2017.
  3. Staffing (Maternity Leave substitution and part-time Resource post).
  4. Upgrading of IT Equipment.
  5. Summary of works completed over summer break.
  6. Correspondence from Department of of Education (circulars etc).


Board of Management meeting

There was a Board of Management meeting held in the school on Thursday June 16th.

Matters discussed included:

1. Child Protection

2. Works to be carried out over the Summer break.

3. Financial Situation

4. Results of Standardised Testing to be submitted to the Dept for 2nd, 4th & 6th classes.

5. Purchase of another Interactive Whiteboard for 1st & 2nd classrooom.

6. Principals report on activities/events in school.

7. Predicted enrolment for September 2016.


Board of Management meeting May 5th 2016

Matters discussed included:

1. Reviewed Child Protection Policy.

2. Financial Situation

3. Principal’s Report.

4. Maintenance/Upkeep of School Environs.

5. Various extracurricular activities.

6. Board approval for 1 days closure (June 7th) for staff inservice.


Board of Management Meeting

The first meeting of the newly formed Board of Management took place in the school on Thursday 28th January 2016.

Items on the agenda included:

1. Composition, function and responsibilities of the Board.

2. Child Protection.

3. Financial Situation.

4. Long Term Plans.

5. Principal’s Report.


Board of Management Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Management was held on Thursday 22nd October 2015.

Matters for discussion included:

1.   Enrolment

2.  Child Protection

3.  Financial situation & Budget for 2015/2016

4.  Election of the new Board of Management

5.  Principal’s Report

6.  The ongoing concern about safety in and around the carpark particularly at 3 pm.


A Board of Management meeting was held on Monday 15th June 2015.

Matters discussed included:

Child Protection.

Financial Situation.

Scores from Standardised Tests.

School Self-Evaluation.

Catholic Schools Survey.

The ongoing difficulties posed by parents parking at the school gate and either side of the car park.

Maintenance work during Summer Vacation.


School Self Evaluation Report on Literacy – Spelling

Kilcleagh N.S.



Co. Westmeath


School Self-Evaluation Report

Evaluation period: May 2014 to April 2015

Report issue date: June 2015

1. Introduction

The focus of the evaluation

A school self-evaluation of teaching and learning in Kilcleagh N.S was undertaken during the period May 2014 to May 2015. During the evaluation, teaching and learning in the following curriculum areas were evaluated:

  • Literacy-  in particular Spelling

This is a report on the findings of the evaluation.

School context

  • This is a co-ed rural primary school catering for pupils from Junior Infants to 6th Class
  • There are 4 mainstream teachers, 0.8 Learning Support post and part-time Resource hours
  • Kilcleagh N.S. administers Standardised Tests in Mathematics, Reading, and Spelling from 1st Class to 6th Class annually in May
  • The school uses My Spelling Workbook (Prim-Ed) from 1st -6th Class

2. The findings:

Having gathered the evidence and analysed the data some of the key findings are listed below

  • While the Average School Scores for 2014 were above National Averages in Drumcondra Reading (SS ranging from 108-112 Sten 7) 20% of the 72 pupils tested in Drumcondra Spelling had a SS of less than 100. All teachers felt this was an area we could work on.
  • We found that pupils are part of a very positive, engaging and varied Learning Environment
  • They are actively involved in their own learning of spelling through the CD and computer Games
  • Class teachers make every effort to ensure that children are taught appropriate strategies to assist them in their learning of spelling  e.g. phonics,blends, word families
  • Pupils are very versatile and open to a variety of teaching styles
  • Assessment is ongoing and many forms are used (Friday Spelling Tests, Drumcondra Spelling)
  • Parents were very supportive and interested in their child’s learning. 100% of parents agreed that spelling was an important part of their child’s learning and were able to help them with spelling homework. Only 2% of parents feel their child struggles with spelling.
  • The majority of the pupils 88%  3rd-6th class felt it was important to be a good speller but only 50% actually liked doing spelling
  • 65% of pupils 3rd -6th Class don’t use the CD from My Spelling Workbook at home
  • In 2nd Class none of the pupils disliked doing spelling but 50% of them were unhappy when they got a spelling wrong

Teaching Approaches:

A variety of teaching strategies are used depending on the class level catering for all levels of learner within the class.


All classes 1st – 6th follow My Spelling Workbook (Prim-Ed)

Pupils in 1st & 2nd Class will have a spelling test every 2nd week

Pupils 3rd -6th every week (5th & 6th also have a dictation test based on spellings in the Unit)

Drumcondra Spelling test at end of each school year

Results of assessments will be used to inform teacher’s practice and methodologies used

3. Progress made on previously identified improvement targets

  • N/A yet as we are only embarking on SIP for Spelling having spent the last year gathering and analysing evidence and observing and planning for 2105-2016

4. Summary of school self-evaluation findings

Our school has strengths in the following areas:

  • Well resourced
  • Good parental support
  • 33⅓% of pupils got a SS >115 in Drumcondra Spelling 2015
  • Good rapport throughout the whole community
  • Positive attitude towards Spelling and learning environment in general
  • Planning has improved
  • Home/School links on the website
  • Teachers willing to do CPD courses

The following areas are prioritised for improvement in 2015-2016

  • Develop a whole school approach to the teaching of spelling.
  • Lower the percentage of pupils attaining a Standard Score  < 100 in Drumcondra Spelling in 2016
  • Develop the children’s ability to spell accurately and to transfer these skills to independent writing.
  • Teachers will use a variety of strategies to effectively teach spelling.
  • We will record the most commonly occurring spelling errors in pupils’ writing and address these in our teaching of spelling.
  • Make more use of  My Spelling Workbook CD  as a method of practising spelling at home

No legislative and regulatory requirements need to be addressed:


Board of Management meeting

A Board of Management meeting was held on 25/03/2015.

Matter discussed included:

  1. Healthy Schools policy and Health Eating policy adopted.
  2. Lining of the Basketball Court approved.
  3. Discussion of Audited Accounts for the year ended 31/08/2014.
  4. Child Protection.
  5. Concerns around parking at school gate and on road outside car park.


Board of Management meeting

Board of Management meeting held on 23rd October 2014.

Matters discussed included:

  1. Vote of sympathy with the Digan Family on Lucas’ passing.
  2. Acknowledgement of the support of the staff, community and pupils during this difficult time.
  3. Review of Child Protection Policy,
  4. Financial report & budget for the school year Sept 2014 – June 2015
  5. Class averages from standardised testing made available to Board and forwarded to Department of Education & Skills.
  6. Re-lining exit of car park for safety reasons.


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