The Little Crocus

On Friday March 29th Junior & Senior infants performed our drama “The Little Crocus” for our parents.

We had worked very hard preparing for the big day!

Some of us were birds, others were trees. We had some clouds and snowflakes, we had the sun, Jack & Jackie Frost were baddies.

And of course we had some beautiful butterflies and crocuses.

Everybody enjoyed themselves and to finish up we sang a Spring song “Wake Up, Rise and Shine.”

Look at our photos.


Rugby Trophy Cup Tour

On Monday March 25th we were honoured to welcome the Pro14 Cup and the Heineken Cup to Kilcleagh N.S.

We appreciate Niall Kane, our Rugby coach, taking the time to organise this and the ensuing excitement was palpable. There is great enthusiasm for the game at present among the boys and girls and who’s to say there isn’t a young Robbie or Jack in our midst.

Speaking of Rugby take a moment to persue the photos of 5th & 6th classes last blitz hosted by the Midland Warriors on Friday March 15th.


St Patrick’s Day

Junior & Senior infants enjoyed the preparations for St. Patrick’s Day! We got our faces painted and some of us formed a band.

Have a look at our pictures.


Pancake Tuesday

Tuesday was a very busy day in the infant classroom. We made pancakes!

We had listened to a story about a very bold pancake which ran away. We had also learned a rhyme about pancakes, so we knew what the ingredients were.

Then we got to work!

We cracked eggs, put in the flour, mixed in the milk until we had a lovely batter.

Then the frying started – we had lemon/sugar or syrup or chocolate on our pancakes and we all agreed that they were delicious. Have a look at our photos.




6th Class Retreat with Fr. Paddy Moran

On Monday 4th March, 6th class had a retreat with Fr. Paddy Moran. This was to help us prepare for our Confirmation on 6th April.

Fr. Paddy Moran was a missionary in Ethiopia for 11 years. For some of his time in Ethiopia he worked in a prison called Arba Minch.

The first thing he did with us was he talked about the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. He also showed us some paintings people from the Ethiopian Prison completed. All of us had to write about our favourite picture and why we liked it. After that we were put into groups of 3 and showed it to 5th class.

Then Fr. Paddy Moran taught us how to count to 10 in the Ethiopian language.

Before he left Fr. Paddy got us to vote for our favourite picture and he gave it to us for the school.

I enjoyed this retreat with Fr. Paddy Moran.

By Muireann


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Last night Second Class received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I was so proud of them all. They had worked hard over the last few weeks and months to prepare and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. Thank you to First Class for all of their help in preparing. Here are some photos of the children’s artwork.


Love is in the Air

Our pupils were really excited around Valentines Day…and happy to show & share the love


Board of Management Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Management was held in the school on Monday 11th February.

Matters discussed included:

  • Child Safeguarding /Principal’s oversight report to Board.
  • Financial Matters.
  • School Improvements.
  • Principal’s Report.


Zumba Dance

We have begun a 10 week Zumba dance course with our wonderful SNA Nico!

Its a super way to begin our Fridays. Every class takes part and all enjoy it!

Have a look at our photos.



Wemberly Worried

In SPHE for the last few weeks we have been talking about worry and anxiety. We read a lovely story called  “Wemberly Worried” by Kevin Henkes.

We talked a lot about our own little worries and how to help ourselves.

Finally we re-told the story in our own words and drew our own pictures and made a little book for you to watch, listen and enjoy.

Please click on the link Wemberly Worried above.


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