Infants 10@10

Our Infants classroom has just completed their 10@10 following the exercises on the Operation Transformation website. Well done to all, it was an enjoyable 10 minutes.


Winter Weather

Junior and Senior Infants have been learning all about Winter weather. We talked about how we keep ourselves cosy wearing lovely warm clothes. We learned some Winter rhymes about cold weather and snowflakes. We made some beautiful snowflakes and have them on display. We sing a song called “snowflakes, snowflakes falling down.”

Here is a slideshow of  our snowflakes display.








Christmas Disco Fun

We had a lot of fun the day we got the Christmas holidays, take a moment to have a look at Christmas Disco slideshow.


Fr Paddy and Arba Minch Prison

On Friday last 9th December we had a visit from Fr. Paddy Moran who has worked extensively in the Arba Minch prison in Ethiopia.

This is a mixed prison and women inmates are allowed keep their children with them until the age of 14.

Fr. Paddy is a big man – to quote Harry from Senior Infants “You go all the way up to the sky.” He also has a big smile, a big presence and most of all a big heart.

He spoke to all our pupils from junior infants to 6th class and he managed to communicate effectively with each group – his word of the day was “EMPATHY.” He got the children to imagine living in squalor with no toys, minimal opportunities to play and limited access to education.

They are locked up every evening at 6 pm in tiny cramped dormitories.

There is a policy in the prison of teaching the men skills they can use to fund themselves and their families – painting being one – John Galvin from Moate has gone over three times to give art lessons, Fr. Paddy showed us some samples of the work produced, lots of the paintings  being based on images from the Bible.

As you will know, we try every year to support a charity with the funds raised at our Carol Service. This year we hope to be able to make a sizable donation to Fr. Paddy. His is a one-man operation aided by volunteers – no admin fees, no CEO’s on inflated salaries and so we can be assured that every euro will be spent on improving these childrens’ lives. So please come along with your extended families on Tuesday 20th December at 7 pm and dig deep!!

Have a look at our photos below and we have also provided a link to the ‘Nationwide’ programme focussing on the work done in Arba Minch prison.

Nollaig faoi shéan ‘s faoi mhaise agus athbhliain shuaimhneach daoibh go léir!


Light and Dark

Junior and Senior infants have been talking about “Day and Night” and “Light and Dark.” Some of us even stayed up to see the “Supermoon.”

We talked about the things we do and see in the daylight and we chatted about what happens when it gets dark. We read a lovely story about “Oscar and the Moth” and we sang a little song called “I see the moon, the moon sees me.”

Last of all we made our very own shadows, look at our pictures!

sdc19458 sdc194599 sdc19455 sdc19454 sdc19451 sdc19449 sdc19446 sdc19444 sdc19442 sdc19439 sdc19436 sdc19434 sdc19432 sdc19431 sdc19428 sdc19425 sdc19424 sdc19421 sdc19419 sdc19418 sdc19415 sdc19413 sdc19407 sdc19406 sdc19408                   


Fantastic French Knitting on a Foggy Friday

Our pupils continue having fun with the results of their French Knitting lessons.




Halloween fun throughout the school. 

sdc19341 sdc19342 sdc19343 sdc19344

sdc19347 sdc19348 sdc19349 sdc19351 sdc19352 sdc19355 sdc19357 sdc19358 sdc19360 sdc19361 sdc19364 sdc19366 sdc19367

sdc19301 sdc19300 sdc19299 sdc19298 sdc19297 sdc19206 sdc19205 sdc19204 sdc19203 sdc19202


Autumn 2016

Autumn is an exciting time in Kilcleagh N.S. We look at the trees and their beautiful coloured leavers.

We gather nuts and lovely red berries. We sing Autumn songs, listen to Autumn stories, learn Autumn rhymes. We go on Nature walks. Best of all we do wonderful Autumn art in every classroom

We are proud of our lovely displays………..take a look!

sdc19296 sdc19295 sdc19294 sdc19293 sdc19292 sdc19291 sdc19290 sdc19289 sdc19288


Moate Show Prizewinners

The school entered 104 pieces in Moate Show this year. These included paintings, collage, handwriting and poetry.

Here are our prizewinners!

  1. Rachel – 6th class, Eli – 3rd class & Ella – 6th class
  2. Áine – 4th class, George – 5th class & Ellie – senior infantssdc19148
  3. Sean – 4th class, Skyla – 4th class & Eoin – 3rd classsdc19149Well done everyone.


New Infants 1st Day

On Thursday September 1st we welcomed 13 new junior infants to our school. We are delighted to have Daniel, Harry, Joe, Nathan, Tomás, Eoin, Tylor, Keira, Florence, Georgia, Áine, Sophie & Rachel as new pupils.

Here are some photos of them getting to know the senior infants and exploring our classroom.

We are going to have a great year. Keep an eye on our page and see what we do!

SDC19144 SDC19143 SDC19142 SDC19141 SDC19140 SDC19139 SDC19138 SDC19137 SDC19136 SDC19134 SDC19133 SDC19132 SDC19130 SDC19129 SDC19128 SDC19127SDC19126 SDC19125 SDC19124 SDC19123 SDC19122 SDC19121 SDC19120 SDC19119 SDC19118 SDC19117 SDC19116 SDC19115 SDC19114 SDC19113 SDC19112 SDC19111 SDC19110


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