Swimming Lessons 2018

The swimming lessons have concluded for this year and all who participated really enjoyed the lessons and improved their skills over the course of the 8 weeks.

We take this opportunity to thank Longford Westmeath Community Transport who assisted us with the travelling costs again this year. We continue to be very grateful for this assistance as it helps us to keep costs to a minimum.

Thank you Damien & Magdalen.


Credit Union Quiz

Pictured are the teams who represented our school in the recent Annual Credit Union quiz.

The senior team members are: Shaun, Rachel, Cormac & Luis and the two subs are: Zack and Darragh.

The Junior team members are: Muireann, Philip, Marco & Áine.

Senior Team


Junior Team



Castledaly G.A.A. Design a Jersey

Pictured are the winners of Castledaly GAA “Design a Jersey” competition with their Eason’s vouchers.

Well done to Charlie, George, Nathan & Sheenagh.



Dancing Excellence

Congratulations to Áine who collected a number of awards at the recent féis in Ballymore. Well done Aine.


Science Week 5th & 6th Classes

Science Week

For the week of science we had scientist from the A.I.T come and teach us all about DNA. We also went to the A.I.T to learn all about forces with former circus man James Soper. With the Cell Explorers we extracted DNA from a banana!!Dr. Mia Frost told us all about the double helix found inside the brain or the nucleus of the cell. The human body has 1 trillion cells. James Soper sure knows how to make you laugh or clap, he was juggling, using a unicycle and explaining how the forces of gravity and magnetism works. Our teacher Ms. Leslie even got called up to help. Our science week was superb.

By Luis 


We did two things for science week.

The first thing was the cell explorers. We learned about cells and DNA .The second thing was the AIT. We learned about gravity and magnetism .The guy who was teaching us in the AIT was in the circus so everything was about the circus and science .The cell explorers showed us banana DNA and what cells do and are .We got to bring banana DNA home.



Science Week started last Monday. But because we love Science Week so much at Kilcleagh we started early, so the week before Dr. Miya Frost and her team came to show us how to extract the D.N.A from a banana.

Before we knew it Science Week was around the corner, and we were getting on the bus to go to the A.I.T .There we learned all about forces such as gravity and magnetism.


Science Week by Eli

This week we had Science Week. Well, it was more like a couple of weeks actually. We learned about DNA and Forces.

Gravity and Magnetism

There are two types of Forces. Gravity and Magnetism. Magnetism is pushing and pulling if south meets north, they pull together, but if north meets north and south meets south, they push off each other.

Gravity is also like pushing and pulling. If you jump, you’re pushing off the ground, but Gravity will pull you back down.


Now I’m going to talk about DNA. DNA stands for Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid. DNA determines how you look. 98% of your DNA is the same of a chimpanzee. We have 100,000,000,000,000 cells in our body. Plants and animals have different cells. Every living thing has cells. Each cell contains 9ft of DNA.

Science Week was fun and I learned lots. I hoped you reading and learning from this. Bye!



Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal

We had a wonderful response to our recent appeal for the Christmas Child Shoebox initiative. This is a great way to get the children to consider those who may not be as fortunate in life as we are and to learn to give a little to others. We thank you for your very generous contributions.

Here are photo’s of some of our collection.


Credit Union Competition.

Congratulations to Sklya who picked up first prize in the recent Credit Union colouring competition. Well done Skyla!



Clara Bog Resource Centre

On Thursday October 19th 5th & 6th class took a field trip to Clara Bog Resource Centre as part of our Math’s Week activities. The pupils were divided into three groups and rotated between three separate stations. Activities included Code Breaking,  2D Design and Symmetry tasks. The weather didn’t lend itself to a trip to the actual bog so a quiz on boglands followed the maths’s activates. We had a great time and were most appreciative of the parents who came to help.

In the future we hope the pupils can encourage their families to avail of this excellent local resource.


Rugby Blitz

On Tuesday October 22nd 5th & 6th classes participated in a Rugby Blitz held at the Midlands Warriors pitch, Moate. Neil, our rugby coach, organised the event and we got an opportunity to play against four other local schools. The weather was kind and we all thoroughly enjoyed the blitz. Ms. Leslie was very proud of our team spirit and co-operation. Our captains Shaun and Zack showed great leadership. We also appreciated the help our parents gave with car pooling.



Moate Show

We congratulate some of our pupils who came out winners in the Children’s Art section in the Annual Moate Agricultural Show. Well done to each of you, keep up the good work!


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