Coughlan Cup

On Monday September 24th we were extremely proud to welcome the Coughlan Cup to our school.  All the work and effort of Castledaly’s U10 squad had come to fruition as they brought this cup home for the first time in 22 years!!

The final match was played out the previous day and demonstrated not only the skill of the team but their dogged determination. There was a tremendous team spirit evident right throughout the tournament and the victorious outcome came with palpable delight from the players and parents alike.

The team are indebted to their coaches Paul, M.J & Jason whose skill, encouragement and commitment made this dream a reality.

Take a minute to enjoy our photos of the Cup’s visit to Kilcleagh N.S.


Moate Show

This year we entered lots of poetry, handwriting,  painting and crafts into Moate Show which took place on 26th August. Have a look at our proud prizewinners.


Mount Lucas Wind Farm

Bord na Mona Wind Farm

On the 19th June my class and I went to Mount Lucas Bord na Mona Wind Farm. There was a woman called Catherine who told us about all of the different parts of a wind turbine and how they work. She also gave us these goggles that you feel like you are on top of the windmill, in the windmill and at the bottom of the windmill. It was so so scary, I felt like I was going to fall off it so I just stood there in the same spot all of the time. After she showed us all of that we went outside to one of the windmills and got a picture with it. The windmill was T22.

Thank you for reading to this interesting experience of mine.


On the 19th June we went to Mount Lucas Wind Farm. It was in Offaly. The name of the woman that showed us around was Catherine. We first got off the bus and Catherine gave us a very nice welcoming. We were brought in and there was a band, pen and some chocolate. Catherine talked to us for a while and then 5th & 6th class went out to the games room for 20 minutes while 3rd & 4th has some lunch and did the virtual reality and then 5th & 6th had some lunch and did the virtual reality. The bog is raised. Catherine said that they use rain water to flush the toilet and they grow willow trees and they use the human’s waste to make it grow. Then we walked out to turbine 22, we got to hug it, kill it, whatever we wanted. Then we got on the bus and went home. When we were leaving we seen a back door of a turbine open so that meant that there were men working in it. I would love to go back there in the future.


A few days ago 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th class went to a wind farm in Offaly. It took 46 minutes to get there.

Catherine told us all about the wind turbines. They are 100m in length. They also have 3 blades which move according to the wind. The head of the turbine moves as well. It takes about 1 ½ days to build a turbine. Mount Lucas Wind Farm has 28 wind turbines. After Catherine told us about the turbines she split us into 2 groups. One group did the virtual reality while the other group went into another room where you could make your own mini turbine or listen to videos

I would recommend Mount Lucas Wind Farm.


Mount Lucas Wind Farm has twenty eight wind turbines. When we arrived we were told about all the different parts of a wind turbine. Wind Turbines move slightly when the blades are moving around.

A Wind turbine can produce 3 megawatts of electricity. It takes a day and a half to assemble a wind turbine. A wind turbine is 100m in height. After a while we did virtual reality which brought you to the very top of the wind turbine. Just before we left we were brought to an actual wind turbine.

I would recommend this for a daytrip.



Awards / Open Day

Awards / Open Day

Thursday June 21st was a very big day for all of us in Kilcleagh N.S.

We finally were able to see our finished art pieces – the 4 completed montages were on display in our gym.

Everybody had worked on a canvas and there was great excitement as the children searched for their own. Our Artist In Residence – Rosemarie Langtry was on hand to open the exhibition and we thank her for her hard work.

The school is, as always, very grateful to Westmeath County Council for their contribution to the project.  We could not do this work without their financial input.

Next on the agenda were the end of year school awards – our Sportsperson of the Year for 2018 and the Award for Contribution to School Life:

George from 6th class and Sean from 5th class were the deserving recipients.

We also had lots of little visitors on the day – they came with their parents to see what their junior infant classroom looks like and to meet each other before big school starts on August 31st.

We had a very busy afternoon – but we still weren’t finished as “Summersong” was on at 7 pm the same evening. It went really well and we said a bittersweet goodbye to our 6th class.

We also raised €500.47 towards school funds for which we are extremely grateful.

We took lots of pictures, so have a look…


Sports Day

Wednesday 13th June was sports day!

Everybody was involved and took part in the different events – wellie throw, puc fada,

hurdles, water relay, jigsaw relay, races, shoe relay and lots more.

The eight teams were: Scrambled Legs, Castledaly Ballers, Purple Pygmy Puffs, Kilcleagh Kangaroos, Runner Beans, Ferraris, Flashing Dogs, & Cuddle Warriors and “Castledaly Ballers ” came out on top.

We all had great fun as you will see from our photos.


Senior School Tour

School Tour

This year we went to Loughcrew Adventure Centre for our school tour.

Our school tour started when we first stepped foot on the bus which would bring us to our destination. A journey which would take numerous hours. When we finally reached our destination the bus passed it!! We ended going up a really steep hill similar to a roller coaster. Then it turned out that at the top of the hill was the Loughcrew Cairns. So we set off again to the adventure centre. After going back down the hill we parked up and went to the cabins and left our bags there. We were split into two groups and set off to do our activities.

My group’s first activity was a race across a rope which was tied to two trees. The first person to reach the other team’s tree won. After everyone had a go we set off to the zipline which was great fun.

After this we had lunch and then set off to the rope course which was one of the largest activities. It was one of those things that tests your balance and endurance. The last two activities were where you got dirty; another obstacle course and the assault course. The assault course was like something out of Ireland’s fittest families except for one thing Loughcrew didn’t have showers.

I really enjoyed Loughcrew and its activities. Its instructors were really nice as well. This was definitely the best school tour of all my school years.



Summer Proms

A group of 5th & 6th class pupils took part in the Proms at Moate Community School on Wednesday evening.

They played two pieces: “Mo Ghile Mear” and “Grogan’s Favourite.”

They represented us very well and sincere thanks to them and our music teacher Patrick Heffernan.

Here are two video clips for you to enjoy!

Summer Proms 1

Summer Proms 2


Confirmation Class 2018

We congratulate the 6th class pupils who received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Francis Duffy on Thursday 10th May in St. Patrick’s Church, Moate.

Pictured are Cormac, Zack, George, Luis, Shaun, Benjy, Eliza, Lia, Aimee, Rachel & Lucy with their teacher Ms. Helga Leslie.


Lenrec Clothing Collection

What Lenrec Collects

We are holding a New & Used Clothing Collection on Thursday 10th May. Please leave bags of clean unwanted items into the school before 9.30 that morning. Items that Lenrec accept include Men’s, Women’s & Children’s Clothing, Curtains, Towels, Soft Toys, Shoes, Handbags, Belts & Laptops. Mobile Phones are also accepted but please keep separate. Items that are not acceptable are Dirty or Wet clothing, Mats, Carpets, Duvets & Pillows.

This may be a good opportunity to prepare for summer. Please let your extended family, friends and neighbours know also as they may appreciate a local drop off centre.

Thanks for your support.


Animal Magic Wildlife Displays

We had a visit from Denis and Rosie from “Animal Magic Wildlife Displays.”

We met some wonderful animals.

First there was Lola – the amputee meerkat who was missing her front paw.

Next we met the lizards, Betty, Basil & Bruce.

Then we were introduced to “Poppy” the softest chinchilla.

We saw Emma the falcon, who flew over our heads for some chicken pieces.

Last of all we each got a chance to hold Fiachra, the boa constrictor who loved Mrs. Connolly’s sunglasses!

We all enjoyed our morning visitors. See our slideshow…


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