Rugby Trophy Cup Tour

On Monday March 25th we were honoured to welcome the Pro14 Cup and the Heineken Cup to Kilcleagh N.S.

We appreciate Niall Kane, our Rugby coach, taking the time to organise this and the ensuing excitement was palpable. There is great enthusiasm for the game at present among the boys and girls and who’s to say there isn’t a young Robbie or Jack in our midst.

Speaking of Rugby take a moment to persue the photos of 5th & 6th classes last blitz hosted by the Midland Warriors on Friday March 15th.


Pancake Tuesday

Tuesday was a very busy day in the infant classroom. We made pancakes!

We had listened to a story about a very bold pancake which ran away. We had also learned a rhyme about pancakes, so we knew what the ingredients were.

Then we got to work!

We cracked eggs, put in the flour, mixed in the milk until we had a lovely batter.

Then the frying started – we had lemon/sugar or syrup or chocolate on our pancakes and we all agreed that they were delicious. Have a look at our photos.




6th Class Retreat with Fr. Paddy Moran

On Monday 4th March, 6th class had a retreat with Fr. Paddy Moran. This was to help us prepare for our Confirmation on 6th April.

Fr. Paddy Moran was a missionary in Ethiopia for 11 years. For some of his time in Ethiopia he worked in a prison called Arba Minch.

The first thing he did with us was he talked about the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. He also showed us some paintings people from the Ethiopian Prison completed. All of us had to write about our favourite picture and why we liked it. After that we were put into groups of 3 and showed it to 5th class.

Then Fr. Paddy Moran taught us how to count to 10 in the Ethiopian language.

Before he left Fr. Paddy got us to vote for our favourite picture and he gave it to us for the school.

I enjoyed this retreat with Fr. Paddy Moran.

By Muireann


Zumba Dance

We have begun a 10 week Zumba dance course with our wonderful SNA Nico!

Its a super way to begin our Fridays. Every class takes part and all enjoy it!

Have a look at our photos.



Credit Union Quiz

Junior Team

Senior Team

Pictured above are our quiz teams who competed in the Annual Credit union quiz last Friday February 1st.

Junior Team: Niamh, Emily, Marco & Eoin.

Senior Team: Áine, Darragh, Seán & Muireann.

Subs: Aoife & Jacob

We are very proud of the pupils and appreciative of them giving their time to represent our school. Special thanks to Mums, Dads, grandparents and siblings who also voyaged out on a bitterly cold night to support us.


Athlone Castle Art Competition winner

This is Sean’s winning entry – and I think we can all agree with the judging committee in Athlone Castle that it is a well-deserved winner!









We are very proud to announce that Seán won the recent Art competition in Athlone Castle with his Suffragette poster.

The competition was organised to mark the centenary of us ladies winning the right to vote! Sean received Art supplies for his creation and while collecting his award at a ceremony last Saturday he won a draw securing a day trip to the Castle for his whole class.

Seán’s work is currently on display in the Castle so if you have a moment be sure to pop in for a look.

Well done Seán!



Christmas Child Shoebox Collection

As we do each year we ask the pupils to think of those that may not be as fortunate as ourselves and encourage them to support the Christmas Child Shoebox initiative – and we are delighted to say that there was a great response. The boxes were collected form the school after the min-term break, here are photos’ of some of our contribution to the overall effort. We wish to express our thanks to everyone.


Show Jumping Winner

We are extremely proud of Áine  who recently represented Ireland in show jumping competitions in Chester, England.

Áine secured gold in her main competition and a silver in a subsequent event.  She secured first in an individual class, and then was place in other competitions during the week. Her commitment and perseverance, not to mention her skill, is an example to us all.

Maith thú Áine.



All the pupils from 2nd class to 6th class enjoyed taking part in a 6 week Athletics course in Athlone Institute of Technology who offer their fantastic facilities to primary schools.

During the 6 weeks they took part in

  • Sprinting
  • Javelin/Shotputt
  • Hurdles
  • Cross Country
  • Long Jump & High Jump
  • Relays

We want to thank them sincerely for their time and efforts, and we look forward to seeing them again next September.

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy…

Week 1.

Week 2.

Week 3.

Week 4

 Week 5

Week 6




Business and New Ventures

Our Banking Project                                                                                        27/09/2018 – 28/09/2018

Last Thursday and Friday a man came into our school from the bank of Ireland called Brian and talked to us about business and new ventures.

On the Thursday Brian split us into groups and we had to come up with our own mini business. We got thinking and came up with very interesting and clever ideas.

My group put our heads together and decided to produce “Solar Powered Blinds.” We called them “Jasker Blinds” because J is for Jacob, A is for Áine, S is for Seara, K is for Kate, E is for Eli and R is for Rebecca. The point of our blinds was that when the sun hits the blinds it naturally heats up your home. We found this better than radiators because there is less smoke and less of a possibility of fire. On Friday two people from the Bank of Ireland came in and acted like people from the Dragons Den. They listened to what we had to say and then tried to make a deal by giving us Bizbucks.

I really enjoyed this experience with Brian from the Bank of Ireland and hope to do something like this in the future.


Our Banking Project                                                                                       27/09/2018 – 28/09/2018

Last week a man called Brian came to the school and gave us a banking experience. This experience lasted two days.

On the first day Brian showed us a slideshow all about what you need to make a company. Then we were split into five groups which would each invent a new company. He also gave us 80 bizbucks to pay for materials etc. We had to make a poster and PowerPoint that we would have to present to two dragons.

On the second day we finished our posters and PowerPoints. Then we presented our business to 3rd & 4th class. Next we had to present it to the two dragons. The dragons would give you a certain amount of bizbucks for a certain percentage of your company.

I really enjoyed this experience.


Our Banking Project                                                                                        27/09/2018 – 28/09/2018

On Thursday and Friday we created our first business. The people in my group were Áine, Elliot, Luke, Killian and Caitlin. We were making bins where you would put your plastic in. Every Saturday we would get our lorries to collect the bins and bring them back to our factory in Dublin.

There we would mix the plastic and aqua dissolution acid. Then we would bring the water to another factory in Dublin where they put the water in glass bottles. You could get your tickets in your local shop. We would pay the shops for selling our tickets by giving them the glass bottles of water. I was the director of sales.


Our Banking Project                                                                                        27/09/2018 – 28/09/2018

Last Thursday and Friday we met a man called Brian from the Bank of Ireland. He helped us set up our own mini business. There were five groups. House, Cars, ADA Solutions, Earthline, Jasker Blinds and Chillers.

I was in Earthline. Our ideas was to make a boat that cleans up pollution.

On Thursday we watched a PowerPoint on how to set up a business and came up with the product. We got a loan from the bank to pay for art supplies for business cards and a poster.

On Friday morning we made a PowerPoint and tested our product with 3rd and 4th class. Then the Dragons came and my group got 100 bizbucks for 45% of our company. We then paid back the bank. I really enjoyed it.



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